Wednesday, April 2, 2014

PRE Daddy/Daughter Serve Day

We are gearing up for our excited event this Saturday as we have dad's and daughter of various ages coming to serve our Benton community together. But of course we cannot do it without a mom's expertise and detailed eye. Some of our FBC mom's spent the night preparing centerpieces, name cards, photo props & you name it- it order to get ready for Saturday's big day!!

Tonight mom's gathered and checked off the post-it note filled of "to-do's." Their anticipation was evident tonight as they talked over and made arrangements of where their daughter might what to serve with their dad or what the end date might be but what spoke louder and without words was the amount of belief that came from their presence and their willingness to believe that God will and do BIG things through this event. May it be the dad stepping up & being the leader, the dad & daughter getting their hands dirty together or the dad showing his daughter how to love and serve Jesus in return. The mom's might of accomplished and completed a post-notes full of jobs & preparations but the mom's did more than just that- they showed up without even knowing it and their presence made reference to the fact that they believe in their husband and their children because they BELIEVE THAT GOD IS BIG & there is more to be done in our city. Our big God is pulling off this God-size event. It's not the effort, the shirts, the luxury breakfast food or date night that is the focus BUT it's the hands and feet of Jesus that will show compassion and love as they go and serve in some capacity.

It goes without saying that we have the best group of Mom's at FBC Benton. We are grateful for their willingness and thrilled that they journey along with us!!

Our Children's Ministry would not be the same or nearly effective without the smiles and love that is shown through helping hands & making it all happen. We need the momma touch!! Thanks a bunch & with lots of love!!

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